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Castrol Power 1 4T 20W-50

exceeds API SJ, JASO MA-2
Castrol Power 1 4T 20W-50 with "Power Release Formula" is a HC-synthetic engine oil specially developed for modern 4-stroke motorbikes. The new formulation quickly builds up a lubricating film, so ensuring higher performance and improved acceleration by reducing internal friction losses in the engine. Provides effective protection against the formation of performance
-reducing deposits in the engine. This is confirmed by extensive testing in comparison with rival products.

Features Trizone TechnologyTM
About HC synthetic engine oils:
Amongst the semi-synthetics, those engine oils with HC synthetic components are technically highly advanced. These oils are manufactured by the catalytic hydrocracking method, and have the following enhanced properties:

-High clutch compatibility
-Improved cold flow properties
-Improved thermal and chemical stability 
-Faster engine lubrication after start-up
-Significantly better engine cleanliness 
-Increased overall protection for engine components

These advantages mean that HC synthetic engine oils are already widely established in the automotive sector.

Castrol Power1 Semi-Synthetic 20W50 1L

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