• Summer textile motorcycle jacket from Macna
  • CE-protection at shoulder, elbows & back protector prepared
  • Innovative 'Night-Eye' feature included for high visibility

  • Macna's innovative features keep on impressing: This Rush Night-Eye jacket from Macna has all the features of a really awesome jacket. Designed for summer wear, the mesh panels in the lining help with ventilation keeping you cool on warmer rides. What really catches our eye (literally!) is Macna's development of the 'Night-Eye' feature. How it works is, during the day the fabric looks smooth and very similar to the rest of the Jacket. However, by night, when light is projected onto the material the tiny glass beads act like satellite dishes reflecting the light back where it came from. This gives the whole of the jacket a bright white glow making you much more visible on the road- how cool is that?!

    The usual protection with some added features: As well as the 'Side-Eye' feature there is also CE-approved protection at the shoulder and elbows with the option to add a back protector if you would like to. Another cool feature is the 'Coathanger'. This is where Macna have added a strong moulded plastic part to the outside of the collar as an alternative for the ever-breaking loops on the inside of a jacket. It's small details like this that really makes Macna a brand to look out for!

    Quick Tip: This Rush Night-Eye Jacket has the same design as the Rush Jacket but with extended Night-Eye technology.


Macna Nighteye Rush Mesh Textile Jacket Black