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Replaces: CTX9-BS CT12A-BS CTZ12-S CTZ14-S
Motobatt batteries are new to the market and offer distinct advantages over traditional batteries. All Motobatt batteries are fully sealed and require no maintenance other than charging, they also offer improved cranking ampage for easier starting. In addition to this they have better charge retention when left stood for prolonged periods compared with traditional lead acid batteries. Please note the picture shows a standard battery not a Motobatt but does show the correct dimensions. . ACTIVATION . Motobatt Batteries- These batteries come with no acid and are fully sealed they require no action before charging. These batteries should not be opened for any reason. . CHARGING New batteries should be charged on a trickle charge for motorcycle batteries (NOT A CAR CHARGER) which should be around 1.4amps per hour for 6 hours before being used on the motorcycle

Motobatt MBTX9U - YTX9-BS, YT12ABS, YTZ12S, YTZ14S

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