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  • Ice Fresh Fabric ensures instant cooling effect
  • Provides long lasting temperature regulation
  • Free from dangerous chemicals
  • Perfect for use during and after cycling, running, skating, weight training, yoga, football, rugby, basketball, tennis, or any other high tempo, adrenaline fueled sport!

Muc-Off’s Ice-Fresh Sports Towel is a cooling towel composed of revolutionary, high performance materials that react with moisture to provide an instant cooling sensation. It’s ideal for cooling and cleaning on the move, and can even be used with Muc-Off Dry Shower for the ultimate fresh, clean feeling. Just snap in the air to activate the long lasting cooling effect.

Our Ice-Fresh Fabric is a revolution in sports care and athlete temperature regulation. It allows our cooling sports towel to absorb water and sweat whilst dispersing moisture on a molecular level to control evaporation. This ensures a rapid cooling sensation that lasts hours without feeling wet.

The Muc-Off Ice-Fresh Sports Towel is ideal for cycling, running, team sports and gym workouts. Use during or after competition to provide a sustained cooling effect on your head, neck or any other hot areas. The R&D guys wanted to add a little something extra so they included wearable Skin Protection Factor 45 (SPF45) to shield you from harmful UV rays when you’re out in the sun! 

Directions for use:

Step 1  - Wet towel with water or Muc-Off Dry Shower.

Step 2 - Squeeze out excess moisture.

Step 3 - Hold the towel at both ends and pull apart, snapping the towel at both ends to activate 'Ice Fresh' Technology.

Step 4 - To reactivate a moist towel, simply snap again. To reactivate a dry towel, repeat steps 1 to 3. 

SPF 45
Our cooling towel protect from the sun's harmful UV rays.
Instant Cooling
Our sports towel provides an instant cooling sensation!
Ice Fresh
Our Cooling Sports Towel uses revolutionary Ice Fresh technology!

Muc-Off Ice fresh sports towel M190

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