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USB Dual Socket Motorcycle Power Accessory


Weatherproof Dual USB power supply socket for fitment to motorcycles, ATV's, Snow mobiles etc
Enables charging of a cell phone, Sat Nav, mp3 player etc, by USB lead (not included)
High output (2 Amps) will charge iPads, iPhones etc
Heavy duty weatherproof cap keeps the insides dry whilst rain is falling*
Designed for 22-25mm handlebar � mounting but can also be mounted on the mirror stem using the unique adapters provided
Can be panel mounted if required by removing the outer bracket
EL102 USB Dual Socket

*This item is not designed to be in use whilst it is raining

** The Blue LED light that internally illuminates the 2 x USB connectors backdraws around 2 milliamps of power. During long periods where the bike is not used, if the switch is connected directly to the battery (and not the ignition) and the bike is not hooked up to a battery optimiser, be aware that it will eventually drain the battery much in the same was an an alarm. 

Oxford Dual USB socket EL102

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