Avoid otherwise unavoidable knocks and scratches to your tank by using the innovative new Oxford Bumper tank protector!
Your tank cannot avoid contact with you and your riding gear - without protection, damage is inevitable. But if you attach one of these Bumpers to your tank, you can minimise the damage.
However, here's the really clever bit.

This unique product uses a carefully formulated blend of special
materials to be extremely grippy without using adhesives.
This means that you can take it on and off any number of times -
either for re-positioning or cleaning purposes or because you want to use it on multiple bikes.
Choose from one of 4 stylish colour ways to protect your bike and look good in the process.

Reusable tank protector
Weather resistant
Securely bonds to bike surface
Re-usable/Movable - No glue used
Do not use in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius / 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Oxford Tank Pad Bumper