The Petronas Tutela Matryx Gear Oil 75W-85 1 Litre is a high quality, thermally stable, mid-extreme pressure automotive hypoid gear oil, formulated to exceed the API GL4 performance level. It is designed and manufactured from premium quality base oils and a carefully selected additives system to provide a high level of protection for hypoid gears and other heavily loaded gears, where API GL-4 performance is required. Suitable for use in gearboxes and final-drives.

Specifications include
  • Petronas Motorcycle Gear Oil
  • SAE 75W-85 API GL4
  • High load carrying ability - the special high performance EP additives system provides a high level of protection against gear tooth wear and scoring
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability - the highly refined base oil and special inhibitor system provides superior oxidation stability to high temperature oil degradation and oil thickening to ensure deposits do not form around the seal as well as helping to maintain clean bearing surfaces so as to minimize wear
  • Non-corrosive to steel - the special mid-extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitor system is non-corrosive towards sensitive copper alloy components and protects ferrous metals against rusting in the presence of moisture
  • 1 Litre

Petronas Tutela gearoil 75w-85 API GL4 1L

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