Shoei Pinlock insert


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Shoei Pinlock ProtecTINT Chromatic Insert - CW-1 / CNS-1 / CWR-1

Genuine Pinlock insert to fit the following helmets: Shoei X-Spirit II, XR 1100, Qwest, Neotec, GT Air, NXR

Whether it's sunny, clouded, day or night, the Pinlock ProtecTINT lens adjusts its tint so it matches your requirements. Under influence of UV light it can change its colour on a sunny day from clear to dark in seconds, while it will be crystal clear when driving at night. Superior Pinlock fog resistant properties give you the clear view you are used to. The Pinlock ProtecTINT lens is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins. Fitting is easy and the system is interchangeable with other Pinlock products.

Fast colour change, clear to dark
Crystal clear when driving at night
No need for an additional tinted shield
100% UV protection
Fog resistant
Perfect for all weather conditions
Easy to clean

Shoei pinlock insert protectint