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TCX Track Evo WP Boots - Anthracite Grey

The Track Evo WP has been designed to meet the needs of the growing adventure bike market and is also suitable for off-road and light endurance riding. The newly designed sole is highly wear resistant with a knobbed tread for maximum grip on all types of terrain. There is an elastic collar to fit the calf and stop dirt getting into the top of the boot and for fastening; there are three polyurethane adjustable buckles. For protection there is a reinforced polyurethane shin plate as well as thermoplastic inserts to the malleolus, toes and heels and a protective waterproof membrane.

  • Suede leather upper
  • Air tech breathable lining
  • Fully waterproof
  • Polyurethane shin plate
  • Polyurethane shift pad
  • Malleolus protection
  • Sole injected with wear resistant compound
  • Three Polyurethane adjustable buckles positioned for perfect fitting

TCX Track Evo WP

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