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The Moto Grime Guard is an innovative product and the only one of its kind. Its simple yet effective design protects disk brakes, wheel rims and tyres while cleaning and lubricating your drive chain, making easy work of this usually tricky task. It can also be used to clean your disk brakes, fitting, in the same way, to catch waste run-off, while keeping the rest of your bike clean.


– It fits around your motorbikes wheel hub in seconds
– Allows you to rotate the wheel for easy chain cleaning
– Prevents any overspray contamination of brake discs & pads
– Use Tru-Tension Chain Cleaner and lubricants safely
– Run-off & drips are caught in the tray, no dripping on the floor or drive!
– Reusable


Moto Grime Guard protects important braking surfaces such as brake discs, callipers, brake pads and tyres from becoming contaminated while cleaning. Its handy tray catches all the oily run-off generated by cleaning the chain and gears, preventing staining on garage floors and driveways.


Simple and easy to use:
1) Measure the diameter of the hub holding the sprocket or brake disc; take this dimension just behind the sprocket or disc.
2) Using the measurement of the hub, cut the Moto Grime Guard along the suitable circular measurement line.
3) Once cut to size, insert the Moto Grime Guard between the sprocket/ brake disc and the wheel.
4) Clean the chain & sprocket or brake disc using Tru-Tension Chain Cleaner and Brake Cleaner. Grime Guard will catch overspray and waste.
5) Lubricate chain and wipe off any excess – for best results, use Tru-Tension Chain Lube or Chain Wax
6) Remove Grime Guard and empty tray. Wipe clean.

Suitable for most motorcycle makes and models (except single-sided swingarm motorcycles). Cut Moto Grime Guard to size to fit your specific motorcycle make and model.


**If using on a bike with a side stand secure the bike in an upright position before use**

Tru Tension Moto Grime Gaurd (TRU037)

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