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Front flex area is constructed with soft TPU mesh with shaped reliefs for abrasion resistance and enhanced fore and aft movement

Flexible accordion leather at Achilles allows natural movement

Top gaiter follows leg contour and is made of flexible high-grade synthetic leather reinforced with rubber for maintaining shape

Full length micro-fibre panel on inner side of the boot provides excellent grip and feel against the bike and protects from abrasion and heat

Lightweight rubber compound sole offers excellent grip and feel and allows for natural flex as the rider changes position and pressure on the foot peg

Flexible, lightweight toe shifter allows feel for changing gears

Strategically positioned ventilation in the heel and shin TPU, and soft TPU mesh on forefoot guides air through the boot

Boot entry has stretch accordion panel ensuring a snug fit and ease of entrance and removal

Zippered closure mounted on accordion stretch panel features Velcro tab that locks the zip pull closed, keeping it flat and secure

Micro adjustable ratchet top closure stows tab end inside calf TPU

Removable anatomic footbed sculpted for a precise fit

The entire sole of the Supertech-R Boot is replaceable

Alpinestars Supertech R Boot Black & White

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