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Chain Lube Racing

New product

Fully synthetic chain lubricant for on and off-road bikes

Castrol Chain Lube is an advanced FULLY SYNTHETIC motorcycle chain lubricant that sets a new standard in chain lubrication.

It has been developed to combat corrosion by means of chemical action
and to resist fling off and water wash out, leaving a uniform layer to
protect from agressive agents.

A motorcycle chain operates in a very aggressive environment, with frequent and prolonged contact with humidity, water and, during winter months, salt. Without adequate protection, corrosion can rapidly
deteriorate the chain, which can result in increased friction and reduced component life.

To work effectively, chain lubricants should not only combat corrosion by means of chemical action, but also resist fling off and water wash out leaving a uniform, thick layer that can protect from aggressive agents.

Results obtained in the German Industry salt corrosion test DIN 50021, show that the new Chain Lube Racing offers excellent corrosion protection and provides enhanced chain lubrication and protection over conventional chain lubricants .

In this specially developed rig test, a motorcycle chain is driven under varying speeds and loads in order to replicate the typical running conditions of high performance sport bikes. At the end of the test, any increase in chain elongation and lateral bend is measured and reported. Chain operating temperature is also monitored throughout the test.

Due to effective penetration, superior wear protection and minimal fling losses, Chain Lube Racing outperforms leading competitor products resulting in lower levels of chain wear in terms of both absolute elongation and lateral bending.

Chain running temperature is also reduced by up to 20�C compared to competitor products.
As a result the chain will last longer and will ensure smooth and efficient power transfer to the rear wheel reducing the need for frequent adjustments*.

*It is the users responsibility to evaluate chain condition, lubrication and adjustment as part of regular safety & service checks.


  • Suitable for standard, O-Ring and X-Ring chains
  • Forms a long lasting, dry-type semi-transparent lubricating film with outstanding resistance to high speed fling and water wash-off
  • Low friction coating for reduced operating temperature and prolonged chain life
  • Superior protection against metal corrosion resulting from exposure to humidity and salt

Directions for use

  • Switch off engine.
  • Place bike in neutral on centre stand.
  • Fully clean chain using a copper wire brush and then clean with Castrol Chain Cleaner.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Apply evenly and sparingly to a clean, dry chain from the inside to outside edge whilst rotating rear wheel slowly by hand.
  • Leave to dry for 10 - 20 minutes before riding, but is best to use after driving!

Castrol Chain Lube 400ml

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