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Motul 7100 4T Synthetic 10W-60 4-Stroke Oil

100% Synthetic with ester 4-Stroke engine oil. Formulated to meet the newest in motorycle manufactuerer specifications in terms of JASO and API. Designed with the perfect synergy for less oil comsuption, reduced engine internal friction and extreme pressure performace, for more power.

100% Synthetic Ester
Formulated to meet the latest manufacturer’s specifications
Improved high temperature deposit protection and sludge control

Ensures optimum clutch performance at start-up, acceleration and full speed
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
  • Quality: Synthetic
  • Viscosity: 10W-60
  • Meets Standards: API SN, JASO-MA2

Motul 7100 Fully synthetic 10w60 4L

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