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Motul MOTOCOOL EXPERT Hybrid Tech Motorcycle Coolant / Anitfreeze - Ready To Use

Anti-corrosion and anti freeze, Protection -25°C/-13°F Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free
MOTUL MOTOCOOL EXPERT is a ready to use cooling liquid, antifreeze and anti-corrosion for bikes cooling systems. Based on monoethyleneglycol, MOTOCOOL EXPERT contains reinforved hybrid anti-corrosion additives suitable for light aluminium alloys used for bike engine design.
Protects the cooling system from freezing ( -25°C / - 13°F) and metallic parts from corrosion. Provides an excellent thermal exchange and then engine cooling efficiency. Avoid engine overheating with its high boiling point : 133°C/271°F (+1.5 bar ). Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation properties that remain while ageing. Seals, durits and plastic parts friendly.
Ready to use, do not add any water

Motul Motocool Expert Hybrid tech Coolant 1L

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