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Achieve leverage and optimal viewing with the Dual Pivot Arm.


Dual Pivot Arms can be rotated 360 degrees x 180 degrees. The two ball heads at either end also offer 180 degrees and 360 degrees movement for greater angle options.


The Dual Pivot Arm comes with two options for easy adjustability

Hex Screw for anti-theft protection
Thumb Screw for easy adjustment on the go

Both adjustability options work with our preload tension so the arm doesn't disassemble when adjusting the angle.If needed, the arm can still be easily detached from the base connecting ball.


Each Dual Pivot Arm comes with:

1 x Dual Pivot Arm
1 x Thumb Screw (to replace Hex Screw)
1 x 3mm Hex Key


Made from tough, glass filled nylon, the Dual Pivot Arms are designed with preload tension for easy adjustability.


Two-sides of the Dual Pivot Arms features grooves to allow for tidy cable management.

QuadLock Dual Pivot Small

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