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The four-litre bag in box concept offers a smart alternative to rigid plastic bottles and is highly eco-friendly as well as being much easier to store and use.

The Lube Cubes have a 100 per cent recyclable corrugated cardboard outer and a 98 per cent recyclable inner, reducing environmental impact while also significantly reducing disposal costs.

A small, perforated hole is created at the top of the box, from which a spout appears. The box can then be easily tilted and the lubricant pours out.

As the Lube Cubes are rectangular, they are easy to stack, reducing the amount of storage space required. In fact, 60 per cent more units can fit on one standard pallet.

The Lube Cube offers a controlled anti-glug pour and has a collapsing inner bag, ensuring maximum drainage of the product without air ingress, resulting in minimum waste and spills.


Semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oils, with MC-Syn Technology, for all modern motorcycles. Incorporates detergents, dispersants and load carrying agents to give excellent engine cleanliness and minimum wear of moving parts. Contains a balanced blend of inhibitors and anti-wear agents to ensure correct operation of oil immersed clutches and other drive line components. The advanced additive chemistry protects the engine and transmission from start-up to full power. Available in 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosity grades.


API 4-Cycle Performance Spec. SF & SG

Silkolene Super4 Semi-Synthetic Lube Cube 10w40 4L

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