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Motorcycle Wash or Car Wash with waterless Vulcanet.

VULCANET is the first complete wipe which does it all parts of cars and motorcycles like BODYWORK, WINDOWS, PLASTICS, CHROME, RIMS, LEATHER, HELMETS, VISOR.

  • One eco friendly waterless product for complete motorcycle wash or car wash, used for a comprehensive cleaning for all external and internal parts of a car or a motorcycle.
  • Detergent for the body work that removes all dirt and pollution. Shines and sparkles which make it possible to enhance the paintwork of your car or motorcycle.
  • Revives exterior plastic and gives it back its original appearance.Removes insect traces from the radiator grills, the headlights and the windscreen. Removes asphalt traces often found on the lower part of the chassis. Cuts through grease on the windows and windscreen and leaves a water-proof film. Cleans the wheel rims without damaging alloys. Removes every specks of brake dust and grease. Protects the bodywork by leaving a film resistant to dirt and water. Cleans whitewall tyres in the easest way ever. Lives water repellant on the visor and create anti-fog layer inside the visor. 
  • Waterless Vulcanet is a portable car wash, motorcycle wash. Now you can take your car wash, motorcycle wash everywhere and wash it everywhere, anytime. Without water, gloves, foam, pressure washers, hose or boots.
  • Using waterless Vulcanet you can save up to 100€ on the car wash, motorcycle wash. Instead of waiting in the long car wash or motorcycle wash queue you can do it yourself whenever, wherever you like. Your car or motorcycle it is going to look amazingly better then after general car wash or motorcycle wash and by doing it you will save money and your priceless time.
  • Vulcanet is the winner of the Prize for Innovation in 2008, it is produced under Vulcavite® mark by Quatris which is a subsidiary of SABE Industry Holding.
  • The Vulcanet formula is the result of almost 2 years of research and laboratory tests on hundreds of different vehicle body types.
  • Vulcanet revolutionise a practical solution of waterless car wash or motorcycle wash.
  • The manufacturing process in "multiphase" as well as the formula profit from an International Patent under N° 07.04121.
  • Vulcanet is great for motorcycle wash without water. Save money and time with waterless Vulcanet car wash. 

Vulcanet Cleaning Wipes (80pcs)

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